Mission Statement and Purpose

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the ASU Occupational Safety & Health Department is to place administrative emphasis on workplace safety and health requirements for all persons comprising the University community. 

As a part of this mission, the ASU OSH staff provides assistance to departments and individuals in order to establish and maintain a safe and healthy campus environment. Safety and health will be promoted as a matter of forethought rather than afterthought. 

The ASU Occupational Safety & Health Department operates under the Director of Public Safety & Risk Management within the Division of Business Affairs.

Our Purpose

Appalachian State University strives to provide a safe and healthful environment, free from recognized hazards which may cause serious injury to students, employees, and visitors. This is accomplished by maintaining a comprehensive safety and health program which involves all university employees.

In carrying out its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment, the University has established the Occupational Safety & Health Department .  ASU OSH serves as a resource for every person at the University and develops policies and procedures to accomplish the goal of a safe and healthful environment.

Appalachian State University believes that its most valuable resource is the people who teach, learn and work at this institution, and will do all that is reasonable and necessary to protect them.

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